Texas Hold’em has become the world’s most popular poker game in both casinos and online.  Join Pit Boss, Kim Becker and our fun and enthusiastic players every Third Thursday (except December) at Gresham for a rousing game of cards.   Points are accumulated each month with the top 10 players invited to play in the finals in December.  Dinner and drink specials available beginning at 5:30p.

  • Meets 3rd Thursdays 6:30-9pm at Gresham
  • $10/Player Pre-Register each time at the Service Desk.
  • Pit Boss-Kim Becker

April Winners
1st Eric Hanson
2nd Bill Burns
3rd Roland Wong
4th Randy Gould
5th Rich Gill
6th Danny Berglund
7th Dave Richardson
8th Kim Becker

Consolation Tables
1st Len Bynum
2nd Bob huston
3rd Don Freeman




Randy Gould 260
Michael Mcdonald 220
Dave Richardson 205
Bill Burns 185
Mark Beutler 175
Tone Broadnax 160
Kristine Stein 140
Eric Hanson 140
Ray McKay 110
Matt Stein 105
Kim Becker 100
Roy Fox 90
Lori Crampton 90
Bob Huston 80
Rich Gill 80
Roland Wong 80
John Dillow 70
Danny Berglund 70
Bill Elix 60
Cody Burns 60
Jeff Gould 55
Sue Dillow 55
Don Freeman 55
Len Bynum 45
Gene Carpenter 40
Bill Dunbar 30
Lee Fast 20
Jack Sawyer 20
Troy Lowther 10
Carolyn Gilliland 10
Jim Walker 10
Mike Snyder 0